Benefits of changing from Win 7 to Win 8.1 and Cubase Pro 8?

I guess some people’s definition of “Junk” is very different to mine. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with coding a piece of software, especially an OS.

Exactly and neither would they. Or me. Even if some do, like guitarists’ styles, they don’t know how Cubase is coded exactly. What particular trade tricks they use to get an end result or how they tweak things for efficiency or even what mistakes might be in the coding. What computers they use or hardware it’s tested on.
Fast food is junk food. Ditto software. You have to wait for it to cool after it’s out of the oven or you might burn your mouth.

Everything is working brilliantly in Win 8.1! I’m not experiencing CPU spikes, performance is much better (on my PC) and ASIO Guard is actually doing something because I have to say, I didn’t notice it doing anything whilst in Win 7. Now this may be nothing to do with changing OS but all I know is since updating my OS and making sure I installed the latest drivers and updates installed (completely from scratch - a clean installation of everything), things at this minute are running better than ever. All my gear is working (including a Midex 8 with Steinberg’s Unsupported driver) so I have no care in the World about anymore backwards compatibility. I like the new feel and look of Win 8.1!

To each their own.

Windows 8.1 keeps my “Desktop” clean and safe for audio production.
I limit my desktop S/W to audio only programs and use the Metro / Modern apps for everything non audio related.
This way I can avoid the mysterious growth of background services that eventually harm my pristine audio only environment.
These Modern apps run in a sandbox and as long as you respond with NO whenever asked if they can run in the background, they will never impact your audio production. This is major — and along with the fast boot times and the fact that all my H/W drivers are happy, I would never consider using Win 7 again.

Yay! :smiley: Just to confirm, is this on Win 8.1 x64, even though your sig still says Win 7 x64?

Yes! Sorry, I haven’t updated my sig. I shall do that now!

Midex 8 works on Win 8.1 (64bit) and with Cubase Pro 8 (64 bit) using Steinberg’s unsupported driver! I’m more than happy about this!


Thank you so much for this wonderful news – makes my day! :smiley:

Windows 7 has the beautiful GUI “AERO glass”. Works great with multimedia and has very good and overall stable performance.

Windows 8.1 works even better then Windows 7 did.
Windows 8.1 are more secure and faster. The OS itself has less impact on disk and are more optimized for multimedia like Audio, Video DAWs etc. Win 8.1 has a special “smart disk” enhancement and ability too. The only bad thing is that it hasn’t the beautiful GUI “AERO glass” look anymore.

Windows 10 (Release second or third quarter 2015)- Are the best of both worlds.
Comes with more and all functions you find in Windows 8.1. Windows 10 will be even more better optimized for multimedia, audio video, game then any previously released Windows version ever have before.
You have the ability to run smart apps directly on the desktop instead of Metro. You have also virtual desktops views that you can design as of own liking. The beautiful GUI “AERO glass” comes back as a new re-worked Windows 10 AERO version.

In new Windows 10 you will get the virtual assistance Cortana, that talk to interact by speech directly with the user. This is the beginning and the first step of intelligent computers that talk to interact with the user. She knows everything about you and she learns everyday about you and your family members, pets, were you eat, what you eat and so on. Like a human assistance.

Soon mouse and keyboard will be in the past.

Best Regards

The return of Clippy?

Now you are bloody scaring me. :open_mouth:
As soon as Cubase starts criticising my playing I’m off.
Cubase H.A.L. Pro

I hope this won’t make us long for the paperclip… :mrgreen:

Funny, you beat me to it…

No Problem!

I’ve been using it all day. Still no problems with it and still loving how stable Win 8.1 and C Pro 8 is! :slight_smile:

“There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

Man machine. Without a keyboard, how would we reprogram a computer. Artificial intelligence, just tell it to alter itself. If someone just told you to change, would you? Intelligence? One has got to admire the irony. :laughing:

Hey Cortana, I’m tired, not inspired, and I’m going to bed, make a hit song for me then turn off the computer.
Thanks. :frowning:

I’ve just swapped out my mechanical OS HD for an SSD. Windows 8.1 is flying faster than usual! Wish I had bought one sooner!


48" 4K TVs are cheaper.

Why do you need a monster graphics card? Cubase isn’t a high end video game! Two el cheapo graphics cards outputting to two monitors each will do the trick. If your Win 7 is stable - back it up an leave it - Windows 7 64 is an outstanding operating system, fast, pretty lean and generally very reliable. I won’t upgrade my Win 7 setup until the day Cubase stops working - I suspect that will be a very long time. Macs? Pah overpriced and over-rated - particularly as they are PCs internally anyway - for twice the price.

IMHO Steinberg should spend a few quid and create a Linux distribution optimised to run Cubase and Wavelab - supplied for £20 extra with Cubase. It would be rock solid and they wouldn’t need to keep changing their software (introducing pointless bugs) just trying to keep up with OS changes - most people who are serious about music production have a dedicated music PC anyway.

I have actually changed to Win 8.1 and love it. Very happy to upgrade from Win 7 (I loved Win 7 by the way). Cubase Pro 8 is working great for me.

I need a new GFX card as mine is utter Dogs Brown. Its a very cheap fanless Nvidia GT520. I get weird mechanical noises when I am not playing Audio and Pixels move about when looking at a blank Desktop . I have decided (just because of Finances) to get a couple of 2.5k Dell screens once I research a suitable GFX Card. This is for a different thread though really.

I’m happy with Win 8.1 and C Pro 8 (now on an SSD).

Microsoft has always made legacy considerations a priority. And Vista doesn’t start with a 9."windows+9")