Berklee College (Mooc)

Hi folks,

I have been off the scene for a few weeks for various reasons. Anyway I plan to start being creative again real soon.

Someone kindly posted a thread (on here) earlier in the year notifying us of a FREE course with Belfast University. It turned out that (I think) I was the only person to actually do it !! lol

Anyway, Berklee (USA) are running a similar type of MOOC and it is also free.

Here is the link :-

You sign up, they send you a confirmation email, and then you click on the link to create your Profile.

I will be giving this one a go anyway so may see you there.



(btw - it starts next week for 6 x weeks).

Nice find, thanks for sharing this mate.

I have done one of their free courses before (introduction to music production), which someone also posted on forum at some point last year.

Not a bad course, especially since it’s free. The good thing about it was that you could download all the videos, and come back to them whenever you wanted to.

Oh really. I had no idea you could download them. That’s very useful. The Belfast University Course did not offer this (though I am not complaining).

The Berklee MOOC course is ok. But the site is more geared towards ‘social networking’ and so relies great on the student being very active in the online ‘community’. In this respect, the forum is quite poorly designed and is very difficult to find what you are looking for. And also there are not enough appropriate catagories if you are wanting to post a specific topic. So you just end up posting everything in one or two places.

Yes it FREE, but having completed some of the tutorials I know it is not a course which would be worth paying for.

If you are still thinking about enrolling then don’t leave it any later than tomorrow (Monday) as there is a video assignment to be completed and submitted, as well as over 10 x tutorials to watch and absorb !!


Well I have completed Week One and here is my uploaded submission (should anyone care to watch it). Though I would not really recommend the course to anyone (even though it is free), as the forum and structure (and ZERO Tech Support) is really (in my opinion) not up to standard. Nothing against the fellow students or lecturer, but the course/grading/Q&A/tech is all solely reliant on interaction between peers. And I found it, overall, to be quite disorganised with a lot of suggestions being ‘hearsay’.

The other online short course I did with Belfast University, which did have its faults and was not officially a MOOC), was much better all round.

Just my thoughts…