Bese way to network 2 Computers for my Cubase DAW Best Way

Since I have been having many problems with integrating Cubase 8.5 Pro on my ASUS Laptop Zenbook ux501jw I am considering the following idea and wanted some input since I am newbie

I was thinking to load my Cubase 8.5 Pro on my Asus Laptop that has 16GBRam and iCore Intel 7 quad core 4700. I have TB SSD and also Nvidia 960 graphics card with an INtel 4600 card. It currently RUNS WINDOWS !0

Then I wanted to NETWORK IT With my Dell Precision T1500 workstation hatt has a core i7-860 2.8Ghz Quad Core processor with Hyperthreading, 8gb Memory, 80gb Solid State Drive, 500gb Data Drive, DVD±RW, ATI Radeon HD 3450 512mb DDR3 Graphics card with VGA, DVI and HDMI ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Power Cord and Speakers. It has WINDOWS 7 PRO

I figure if I network the computers together and have all my virtual instruments and aduio and and midi samples on the Desktop DELL I would also save all my cubase projects on the DELL.

THis way laptop would only run the Cubase program attached to my external soundcard the UR22mkii and any plug in AUD or VSTs would be accessed from the DELL workstation and dramatically reduce the latencey and all of the issues I having with buffers being set too low and all becausee its coming from the same computer off the same hard drive especially since I have other programs such as adobe it on my laptop.

MY questions is what is the best way to set it up. I could upgrade the Dell to 16GB ram and unprgrade the hardrive. BUt what is the best way to network these computers together for optimal performance with least latency and best audio quality.

What version of Windows is the best to work with CUbase 8.5PRO. I had to use a USB hub because I didnt have enough ports and CUbase does not seem to like that. I have the Nektar Panorama P6 midi controller that works awesome but I notice that alll my output levels are low and and if I turn them up I get clipping. Plus CUbase crashes.

So either I have to dedicate my laptop soletly to CUbBase or I was hoping that this may be the best option and any feedback on how I should configure the network for optimal performace, best quailty recordings, little to no latency, artifacts, hangups, loss of data would solve my problems.

Is this a viable solution and if so do I roll back rt Windows 7 or go to Windows 10 on both com puters maybe even the anniversary version? Please help. The midi controller the PAnaroma P6 uses 2 2.0 usb ports and so does the exteranal UR22MKii external sound card. With the Laptop I only have one 2.0 USB port on the laptop and the other 2 are 3.0. I read that theUR22 does not like to be on a USB hub and must be on a 2.0 USB. Well so does the Panorama P6 and I think a lot of my problems are coming from not enough USB ports and more importantly 2.0 USB ports. The Dell has 8 2.0 USB ports and 2 3.0 USB ports.

SO again I figure if cubase 8.5 pro is running off the much faster laptop just as the program … but all of the virtual instuments, VSTs, VST3, AUD and othe plug ins are on a different hard drive off a diferent computer that is networked together I may get optimal performance. Again I am a newbie so I could be completely have it all wrong.

Please help and provide any feedback even if that includes the upgrades that I sould make on the dell to have ultimate performance. I play almost every instrument, I sing, and I love plug ins. So I can easily see that I would have over 30 tracks or more. Based on my setup please give advice. I use Rocit 6 for my monitors Thanks in advance.