Best alternative to "Replace Audio in Video File"...

So ever since Windows stopped supporting Quicktime and Steinberg still uses it, my “Replace Audio in Video File” doesn’t work.

Best software options so I can send the director the same video file only with new audio. Adobe Premier Pro and Movie Maker: Free Video Editor are altering the video too much. (resizing, reformat, color change etc.) I’m not a video editor so I don’t really know what I’m doing in that world. I just liked to replace the audio in the video and send it back to him.

Steinberg please get something other than Quicktime. Its been over a year since Windows stopped supporting it.

It’s Apple that stopped supporting QuickTime. Meaning no new updates or security patches are released for QuickTime.
It still works in Cubase both on Windows and OSX.

True, my bad. Apple stopped supporting Quicktime.

On fresh installs of Windows 10(meaning it wasn’t updated from Windows 7 or 8) Quicktime and Cubase don’t play nice. You can’t even import video in Cubase no matter what the Quicktime version(archived or not).

I updated from Windows 8 so I CAN import video into Cubase and it works with Quicktime, however I can’t replace audio in video file.

Davinci Resolve has a free version that can be used for this. Though it does feel a bit like using a aircraft carrier to to do the job of a canoe.

You can use Xmedia Recode. It is free.