Best approach for sampling short rhythmic phrases etc and getting in time

What is your favorite or best technique for getting random short rhythmic and melodic phrases on beat.

For example street sounds, or random musical recordings made without a click such as street performance or just a snippet of something that may not be a full bar or loop…

Do you chop then replay or do you timewarp to the timeline or what is some good way to achieve this quickly?

Those are the two main approaches. But neither is better than the other. They are different & will sound different so what to use in any particular situation is more of an aesthetic choice than anything else. And of course nothing keeps you from using both methods on the same Audio.

One helpful thing a lot of folks don’t know about are the additional options for the Select (Arrow) Tool. “Moves” lets you slide the Audio around within the Audio Event and “Time Stretch” does what it says.


Thank you. Yes, i muse the time-stretch arrow tool all the time, but never really used the moves option. Ill give that a shot