Best audio interface for Wavelab 7?

I recently upgraded my audio card to a good quality, ASIO audio card (Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1) and now I’m having big troubles in Wavelab. I can’t configure my Audio Streaming Settings properly, and so I’m having problems recording and playing files. Also, I have no idea how to properly configure my Audio Streaming Settings, as the choices don’t make a lot of sense (what does IN-00 mean?).

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good quality audio card or interface that works with Wavelab 7? I’m really frustrated after a weekend of trying to make this work.

Your card is probably just fine. Download the WL6 manual and take a look at the chapter on setting up your software:


In answer to your specific question … a vote for RME. We have two. The RME AIO has been working from the moment it was installed and stayed rock solid ever since. The packaged TotalMix and DigiCheck are useful.

Good luck!



Thanks, but at $800, the RME is more than I paid for Wavelab! :slight_smile:

Good hardware costs money though.
The RME I bought has lasted me 10 years (Hammerfall, Hammerfall PCIe, ADI-8 DS (2 of).
Still working over 10 years later with no troubles.
You cannot - and indeed should not - economize on the audio card or your monitors - it is a false economy.

But it does come with a proper user manual!


Great advice!