Best autotune

I’m looking for the autotune that can do these thinks:

  • I can edit tones manualy. Like if some tone is D and I want it to be C, I can change just that one and not all Ds
  • Pitch correction - if I’ve got some tone that is right but my voice goes up and down a bit, I can make it just to be the tone. But again, just the tone I choose, not the entire track

Does anyone know a VST plugin like that? I’m using official Cubase LE4.

Thanks a lot

There are lots of vst plugins from Celemony, Antares, iZotope and others, but be aware that some of these could be vst3 or only 64 bit.
I prefer Celemony melodyne (bit expensive though), from Cubase 6 and up there is audiowarp / pro elastique, so upgrading would be my first choice if I was in your place.

Ooh remember to upgrade to the full version of Cubase (Cubase 8.5 pro in this case) as the artist en element versions are skilled down and do not have audiowarp capabilities.

Download the demo of the full version and see if Cubase’s variaudio gives you what you need.

Melodyne is easily the best plug in - but - integration with Cubase is terrible and buggy, so, work-flow wise it’s a disaster, but technically it’s brilliant.

These days I tend to use Variaudio because it’s easier - but the results are still not as good as Melodyne.

Got to agree Melodyne is brilliant, but sadly Cubase does not support ARA like some other DAWS.

Without ARA it works, just a bit slower, I yet haven’t had crashes yet :confused:
By the way I was using editor v2 but now use studio v4, both are stable with 1 or 2 tracks.


The only problem i’ve had with Studio 4 is the gui is a little sluggish in opening… V4 is mindblowingly good though!