Best C6 video tutorials?

Dont really care if theyre dowloadable or DVD. Looking for good intermediate/advanced stuff.

Anybody been pretty impressed by anything? I know there’s the Ask, SWA’s, MacProVideo, etc…any others or particular favs??


Youtubing, the askvideo and macpro seemed the best to me. I own the askvideo sx3 series, they are excellent. I just bought/haven’t received Vol 2 and 4 of their C6 series.

The macpro might have been my purchase based on the quality of their free youtube chapters, but their pricing structure seemed more restrictive.

Also, have you seen the free club cubase ones?

Plz post back and let us know which you got and how you like them.

Happy tunes!

I’ll have to check out that weird pricing structure ur talking about for the Macpro’s. BTW…if I’m a PC guy, does it matter? The videos about Cubase right?? I mean maybe some key commands are different but I’m used to that.

And no I dont see those free club cubase tutorials anywhere…just googled it. Where can I find?

THANKS! I’ll keep u posted on which one I go with (if any lol)

For the free Cubase vids:

There are also some “club Cubase” ones around, traveling now, sorry 2 hard 2 navigate on my cell phone

Wow, that dude’s voice is annoying. He sometimes sounds like a robot.

IMO, the best Cubase tutorials are from Ask and MacProVideo. You can find free tutorials here (though they can be found on YouTube as well):


Thanks for the tips!

Lol this guys voice!!:
CUBASE TUTORIAL - Recording Audio From Midi Data Directly Into Cubase - YouTube!

While I’m glad they’re free THAT’S what I’m talking about…tutorials that make u wanna blow ur brains out while ur waiting for em to actually say something informative. It sounds like he’s trying not to wake up his mom in the next room or something.

LOL, it does :smiley:

BTW, that guy could’ve simply added more busses to record the other two tracks simultaneously instead of one by one as shown in this video:

(Skipp to around 3:00)

ASK video all the way, easy and great support if you do downloads

Check out Groove3…

Everything is 50% off for the rest of December. The Cubase 6 tutorial is only 19.99 and its a good one…


Just to close the circle - I got the ASK DVDs (Level 2, Level 4). Good stuff, as the SX3 ones were.

But here’s the thing - Steve K. there today - ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON - was emailing back/forth with me to get me my authorization codes (no internet on my DAW). He wasn’t officially on duty, but he happened to be on his email, and decided to help me out. What great Customer Service!