Best CHEAP Nvidia GPU for my build and multiple monitors

Hey all,

Selling my r290 soon because I don’t really have time for gaming these days. Also it takes up too many PCIe lanes for work related reasons, I had to pry the 1080 out of my newegg cart many times.

Current card:

I’m looking for a lower tier card with stable drivers. I’d also like it to be pretty silent, not sure if a fan is necessary. Lastly, a minimum of 3 simultaneous display ports is crucial, I’ve heard of some cards providing 3 but only 2 work at the same time.

question - Does the amount of VRAM or processing power matter with multiple monitors and video playback? The 1gb cards are pretty cheap at newegg


Samsung LED 39" 1080p
Soundcard: RME hammerfall
mobo: GA UD5 x79
cpu: 3930k
ram: 1600mz gskill 64gb
OS: Windows 7 ultimate
PSU: Silencer Pro 1000w

My price range is under $60, the more outputs the better but I know anything below $150 won’t have more than just 3. I’d also like it to work on newer chipsets like Haswell.


I’d also like it to be rather quiet. Not sure if 1gb vs 2gb matters in my situation.