Best cpu for Cubase?

I need some help from experts here.
Which cpu to choose for my new pc?
Budget - up to 1000 euros
Win 10 os

go for intel or amd :smiley:

now seriously, as you can read in my signature I have AMD (since from a while back, not the new Ryzen gen) and it works just fine. I have no problems running my projects constantly at 5 ms latency even when mixing (with big help from UAD) and I do an occasional freeze track with some heavy synth patches in Diva and so on. It is a very nice and stable system.

IMHO though I think the intel i7 and i9 are the best choices for rock-solid latency performance. I choose AMD for more cores, I might update to the new 3950x Ryzen once it falls a little in price point tough as all my other hardware is compatible :slight_smile:

I even heard that the new Ryzen CPUs now are even better with latency issues so you should be pretty good either way once you get the “correct” configuration.

In my experience what helped me best for a stable low latency was switching from an Nvidia graphics card to Radeon.

If I run latencymon on my system with a Radeon card I rarely go over µs 40, it bounces between 12 and 37 90% of the time. When I had a Nvidia card I would start around µs 65 and jump from there to 84 on a constant basis.

thnks Glenn for reply

I hit 140+ (latencymon) on my I7 8700k with Rme ff802 at 96 samples buffer (5ms) and all windows configurations for audio performance.
that’s why I want to build a server loading there all my Vepro Instances and keeping the current pc only doing audio processing with Cubase.
Though I am not a professional on pc build things will do it by myself this time to save some money.
I see a lot of happy AMD users on some forums and would like to see Cb users opinion before the jump.
I know also that the safe road is 9900k and I can afford it but maybe an AMD will perform better for audio