Best CPUs and systems for rendering performance


I’m currently shopping to replace my main tower. My current P9X79 4820k combo while still pretty effective is starting to show signs that it’s time to make a step in the next generation in fact 2 generations ahead skipping the x99 plateforme and going x299.

I work full time at a video game music company so one of the most time consuming task during the coarse of a week is rendering stems and layers. I use a master/slaves configuration with VEP and I use exclusively SSDs in my systems.

I also use a GTX1060 graphics card that takes 16 lanes along with M.2 drives and looking at larger optane 3dxpoint drives for the future so CPUs lik the 9900k that are limited to 16 pcie lanes are not an option for my build.

So back to the task of rendering. My main question is about render time in relations with core count and single thread performance. Does anyone know what is bottle necking rendering speed? Is it core count? Single thread speed? Is the CPU even relative?

I am looking at Intel’s 9800x and am thinking that doubling my core count and increasing slightly my single thread speed (from the 4820k)

Any thoughts?

PS: AMD’s ryzen & threadrippers are also not considered because some tests have confirmed that while having higher core counts and threads, they are still outperformed by Intel’s CPUs in the plugins count and voice polyphony benchmarks.

This tutorial might be interesting for you:

If you only care about Cubase, then a a i9-9900K on a z390 overclocked up to 5GHz might be an excellent choice. see this german thread:

Please also have a look here:

Happy reading :smiley:

Thanks I’ll look the threads up. My only concern about the 9900k is that it’s limited to 16 pcie lanes and might not be enough for my application with high end graphics cards, nvme drives and 3d xpoint memory when it gets decent sizes at affordable prices. Also, the 9900k would run the ram in dual channel vs the x299 skylake x CPUs that run ram in quad channel.

Is this really a Cubase question at all?

No, one hopes users would place their topics on their own. Thread moved.

If you want more lanes go for 9800x

9800x will be the best option u will ever get to go for more lanes.There are many alternatives to it,but if count is not a problem go for 9800x.Happy shopping spam link removed

Seems like it’s not the best time to shop around. A bunch of Intel CPUs are out of stock including the 9800x. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to wait for AMD’s Zen 2 release planned for mid summer and see how they bench with audio softwares.