Best Cubase 12 Pro courses and tutorials

Hi all! I recently purchased Cubase 12 Pro and was hoping you guys could point me in the direction of the best, most in-depth online courses and/or tutorials that cover Cubase. I know there’s a wealth of information out there and I have benefited from much of it already, but most everything I’ve seen is single-topic. I’m hoping there are courses that cover the ins and outs of Cubase in a deep way from start to finish. I’m just having trouble pin-pointing them. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels would all be welcome. I thank you for any help you could give.

Welcome! Here are some good ones, each kind of fitting different learning styles and needs.

Groove3 thorough manual walk-through with examples, good for learning all the little things that you might not catch in the more results oriented material.

Born to Produce Tutorial based, audio files and videos provided, results oriented

Chris Selim’s Mixdown Online Results oriented workshops and content. Chris also provides a lot of content on his YouTube channel.

Also, Dom Sigalas does a lot of good videos on the Cubase YouTube channel and his own YouTube channel.

Every Tuesday and Friday at 2 pm EST, Cubase geru Greg Ondo hosts the Club Cubase live-stream where you can learn tons and ask questions either by live chat or ahead of time by e-mail. Here’s the last one Club Cubase, Dec 20 2022 Subscribe and turn on notifications to get a heads up before they start. The e-mail for questions is clubcubase(at)

Also, when you have specific technique questions, both Greg and Dom do short ‘How to’ type videos on the Cubase YouTube channel, as well as some more in depth specific topic series. Search from within the Cubase YT page to quickly find the videos you need, or check the Cubase Playlist tab to find popular series of video topics.


Have a look at this post:



Also don’t ignore videos for versions older than Cubase 12. Most likely everything in them will still apply in 12.


I’ll add to the pot: Sort of looks messy, but functional.

I like the above one best by Ted Springman because it looks…clean. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s been updated since July 2021.

If you are looking for a single all-encompassing and deep guide, I can’t help you. Honestly, while there are some encompassing tutorials, they may not be the “best” and often not the most thorough when focusing on a topic because it has to be all-encompassing. , I think doing a topic search will give better results.

Greg, Crazy Dom, Chris IMO make great tutorials.


Thanks everyone! These are wonderful suggestions and I will definitely make use of them. I had actually run into Dom’s videos before I posted this and, for my money, he’s the best. I wish he taught an advanced in-depth Berklee course.

I’ll second the recommendation for Chris Selim and Dom Sigalas - they’re both pros, and their videos are always solid (there’s a lot of iffy “advice” out there).

And I’ll add that it’s very easy to spend your days staring at YouTube videos instead of actually learning and making music. So my advice would be to actually use whatever technique you learned by putting it into practice after watching a video. So, for example, if you watched a video on how to program a sound in Retrologue - go make a bunch of sounds in Retrologue! The additional learning you get from doing is invaluable.

Excellent point.

The Groove 3 content is also well vetted.

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