Best cubase for midi

Hi, I want the best cubase for midi. I don’t need fancy audio stuff.
Which is the best cubase for midi? I can’t get any specific information about this from the product descriptions of Cubase 9.5 and other versions, and Steinberg is impossible to contact. You’d think they would cater for buyers. Where is their UK headoffice/dealership shop btw?

The best Cubase (for Midi) would always be the latest version.
Go for 9.5 Pro or Artist.
They have Demo Versions.


If all you care about is the best, Cubase 9.5 Pro is the way to go.

Comparison: Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg

Yes, as already stated, Pro is the best as it has the most features but without knowing exactly what you want it’s hard to tell for sure whether Elements or Artist would cover your needs adequately (at a considerably lower cost).

Unless you already have a USB eLicenser you’ll need to buy one before trialling either the Artist or Pro version whereas the Elements version can be trialled without the need for this USB eLicenser. Thus, I’d start with a trial of Elements.

Well the pro version has variaudio, I use that all the time to extract midi from a solo voiced audio track.
Easy way to double a vocal with a pad or string sound to give it a little something in the chorus.

Pro 9.5 also has Expression Maps which is important if you’re doing orchestral mockups. Along with Note Expression , those are 2 things in the Midi realm that Pro has over Artist. I’d be curious what other Midi related advantages/functionality are in Pro that aren’t in Artist?

From the replies it looks like Cubase Artist will give me all the midi tricks that 9.5 has. ( as I don’t use audio.)

You will. :imp: And, don’t say we didn’t warn you. :confused:

Seriously, imho, If you can go Pro, do, you’ll be glad you have the “headroom” in the program. Good luck whatever your decision. Both are excellent programs and you’ll enjoy either one.

Just a little warning about Elements: Elements has a lot of features and is great for the price, but it doesn’t have the Midi list editor. IMO for serious Midi work the list editor is a must have. So go for Artist or Pro.

I forgot to mention: since you’ll be able to get an upgrade from Artist to Pro, I’d suggest to start with Artist and then upgrade to Pro, when you’ll realize you can’t live without the missing Artist features that Pro has.

Believe me, at a certain point you will! You can do a lot with midi but there’s certain ways you can manipulate audio that’s not possible with midi. Eventually making music is all about the end product and that’s audio. :wink:

Even though you’re not recording audio, you’ll need to playback audio of course.

If you download the manual and search for (Cubase Pro Only) you can see what’s missing from the Artist version. Seems like a lot. Here are some things that a midi composer might miss.

Project Logical Editor
Control Room
Creating a Tempo Track from Tapping
Exporting Tracks as Track Archive
VCA Faders
Importing Tracks
VCA Fader Track
Adding Group and FX Channels
Process Bars
Time Warp
Project Browser

Thing is, with all versions you will get things you don’t want or need. Pro will give you the most midi but also most you don’t need. I am a midi guy and I could work with all three versions. I have pro and I like it, but you have to be more specific about your exact midi needs.

Yea, I could probably have got by with Artist when I started, but quickly realized that Expression Maps, Project Logical Editor, and a better notation package were all Midi-related things I needed that only Pro provides.

ok ta i will check out the logical editor