Best current new macPro?

I may need to buy a new studio machine earlier than I would like owing to increasing sickness of our early 2008 8-core.

Yes, I know there’s a new MacPro on the horizon but goodness knows when, and I gather it will probably be heavily Thunderbolt-biased, so at this stage I’m considering the current model. Unfortunately new ones aren’t even available in the uk so I’m looking at a nearly new 2012 3.33GHz 6-core.

Last I heard, this model was preferred for Nuendo because of fewer cores and high cpu speed. Is that still the case?

I cannot tell you if this is still the case, but I can tell you that I am super happy with this computer…


I just build a Hackintosh that has Thunderbolt, a 16752 Geekbench score (pretty much the same as a Mac Pro 8 Core) )is lighning fast and cost under $2K…

I can only recommend going that round for flexibility, power and sheer old fun. This box is solid as a rock and very straight forward to build

Don’t ignore the Mac Mini!

Mac Mini will need a Magma Chassis ($1000) in order to accomdate PCIe cards and that ends up properly configured at about $2800 without overclocking capabilites
I looked at that as well…

New MacPro announced today!

My first instinct is to turn into an anti-Apple thread. I’ll try not to, but I can’t help but wonder exactly where we’re going to put our pcie cards…

Looks cute though.

I does look awesome and the specs are pretty damn impressive.

But yes, they need to also come out with a decent Thunderbolt 2 PCIe case with the same quiet performance and look as the machine.

Huh? It looks like a waste paper basket. :laughing:


lol…yes it does…I have seen some very interesting visuals of it to say the least…:slight_smile:
But I also think it looks awesome at the same time… I think it’s the look when the chassis is not on. I wish they would go with a glass (see through) look, now that would look quite cool.

I am still very happy with my decision to build a Hackintosh, but the circular, cooling design on the new Mac Pro is very impressive…credit when credit is due, I hope some fan manufacturers are going to piggy back on the fan design.