Best DAW poll

Just thought I’d pass this along. This poll is popular in the Sonar forum for some reason. Let’s bump Cubase on up a bit.

I’m not going to be a fanboy for Steinberg. Or any other company. Fanboyism is one of the stupidest things in our modern society. Corporations don’t deserve to be worshiped.

Besides, popularity contests mean nothing. I’m pretty sure that millions of people would pick someone like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift as the “best singer in the world.” Does it mean these two are actually the world’s best singers? Or maybe that an incredible number of people on this planet are unbelievably stupid?

That’s me! ‘Baby baby…’!

Hit me one more time… Was that stupid enough :confused:

PS I wonder how the poll went if the poll was a, Best DAW for me poll?

Perhaps it is stupid to think that you can’t appreciate Cubase’s good points without being a “fanboy”, although I for one would not use such a simplistic term. A term that implies uncritical devotion. Many of us here are critical of many things to do with Steinberg. However, we stick with Cubase because we recognise that it is probably the best DAW out there. Having used Logic I know which one I prefer.
If you are part of the whiny faction, fine, but don’t expect your attitude to go unchallenged.

Haha nice poll, just hit reload and you can vote as many times as you like. Pretty useless.

So, basically anyone who complains about anything here is a “whiner.” Got it. Anyone with a critical attitude should be squashed, tarred and feathered and finally banned. Yeah, that has nothing whatsoever to do with fanboysm… :wink:

we stick with Cubase because we recognise that it is probably the best DAW out there.

I know it’s the best FOR ME. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone. So, I’m not going in a public place and make fun of anyone who uses a different DAW, or try to convince everyone to adopt Cubase. Yeah, that would totally be fanboysm…

Sorry to be off topic but…

How do you make your (or your dog’s) ears stick out like that? Brilliant.


No idea, just came across that photo on Google and I thought it was cute. Not my dog and certainly not me… :smiley:

I suppose a mild adhesive and clear fishing line would work…

ye them are big ears! straight up!

best cubase version?

Boy, you do seem to be one for extreme reactions. Silly me, I guess you feel that you are above criticism. Fine, if you think that I am tarring and feathering you.
Banning? Where did that come from? A very paranoid mind indeed. Rational discussion is obviously not your thing. Perhaps you need to calm down and adopt a more rational approach. It might be an idea to focus on the things that have actually been mentioned in the discussion rather than introducing random elements.
It is very tedious discussing anything with someone who takes things so personally. Clearly some perspective is needed.



unbelievably stupid?


Gee, I wonder if I lobbed all of this in your direction what you would think:

“you are part of the whiny faction”
“A very paranoid mind indeed”
“Rational discussion is obviously not your thing.”

It might be an idea to focus on the things that have actually been mentioned in the discussion

You mean like the gratuitous insults above you threw at me just because you perceive me as an “enemy” of Steinberg for refusing to shill for them?

Boy, you couldn’t prove my point in a better way. :laughing:

Sensitive artists … :smiley:

And Dirtbag producers … :mrgreen:

Oh brother :unamused:

It’s funny how while some drop to their knee’s for Steinberg and willing to swallow every last drop, others are more likely to spit :mrgreen:

Maybe we should start a new poll (or is that POLE) entitled “Steinberg, spit or swallow” :mrgreen:

We already know at least one swallower here :laughing:

I find that completely unbelievable! Even my considerably practiced disbelief can’t believe it!


Belief’s can never be trusted, however a disbelief leaves the door open to be proven otherwise…generally speaking of course. Also, a believer is far more likely to swallow…and I mean bucket loads. A disbeliever on the other hand, well, never swallows…tastes maybe. But then again, a believer may be more likely to stay loyal to that belief, wrong or wrong, good or bad. A disbeliever is more likely to jump ship and bail out on loyalty for a ‘better thing’. Not completely true in all cases of course, as generally the disbeliever crowd sticks to what they know best rather to jump ship for the greener grass on the other side :nerd:

I’ve always considered computers, music hardware and software as tools and nothing more than that. I use what I believe to be the best for what I do (and yeah, cost-effectiveness is definitely part of the equation…), but I have absolutely no loyalty to any corporation. If tomorrow another company introduced a DAW better than Cubase in every way (from my perspective, obviously), I’d have no hesitation whatsoever to switch over. If that makes me a “whiner” in the eyes of those who worship at the altar of Steinberg, so be it. I really couldn’t care less.