Best dongle-free alternative for "on the road"?

:bulb: Product suggestion for Steinberg/Yamaha: an ExpressCard version of the eLicenser.

This should be a no-brainer as the ExpressCard already integrates USB 2.0 so it’s really just a matter of putting the same chip into a different package. Combine this with say, a high-quality DAC with a headphone output and good ASIO drivers and I think anyone with a laptop would soon be reaching for the plastic …

Exactly. I did this and I have no worries now. I found mine on ebay for $15.

So 10 Years later :smiley:
Steinberg/Yamaha annonced a solution in march 2021 to make the Pro Versions dongle free!?

If i forgot my dongle (luckely just 2 times in nearly10 years - but two times to much, it´s realy annoying) i have an LE Version on my Laptop, but it´s just to work rudimentarly! You can´t open pro projects, cause of restrictions of course…so no really good solution up to date 2021!

Let´s hope for 2022 and hopefully not a monthly cloud-based or billing solution! Then I have to change my DAW after 25 years. This would be really painful