Best External Hard Drive?

Right now I’m running out of space on my Macbook Pro, which has 98 GB left and a 5400 rpm internal drive. An external firewire-capable 7200 rpm drive with a capacity of 1TB would be ideal, but it needs to be affordable, designed for sample streaming, and long-lasting.

Affordable for me would be between $120 and $180 or so. $200 would be the maximum price. As I am a high school students, educational discounts may be available to me as well.

Right now I’m looking at this hard drive:

Yes, it’s beyond my price-range, but it’s difficult for me to trust most hard drives.

Would anyone be willing to assist me with my search for the perfect external hard drive?

I would be extremely grateful, so thank you everyone.


Anything from OWC is amazing. Ask around and everyone will tell you the same. I have bought many external hard drives from them and they work perfectly. Not to mention that they match my Mac Pro in terms of how they look like.

That looks great! If only the 1TB external drive with eSATA and firewire 800 weren’t so expensive.
Also, they don’t seem to offer educational discounts to individuals.

How important is it for me to have a 64mb cache as opposed to a 32 mb cache? At the moment, the 2TB Elite Pro with 64mb cache is out of my budget.

Silence again… O: