"Best Free VSTs of 2013"

Anyone use any of these?

Part 1 of 3

Until 5-6 years ago, I was wasting a lot of time trying new VST’s (most of which disappointing.)
Then I realized that I was wasting a lot of time trying new VST’s (most of which disappointing.)


Maybe you should spend more time actually making music and less time trying out new VST’s?

Just an idea…

Testy, eh?

What’s with all the militant trolls lately?

Papi, nothing personal, but you need to stop judging others. I use Magneto exclusively but don’t think I’m not constantly on the lookout for something better than is 64-bit. (I know that Cubase 7.5 updated this oft-overlooked VST but that’s beside the point.) Just because people like trying out VSTs doesn’t mean that they are looking to overload their plugins folder - it could very well be that they are looking for better replacements for existing VST types that they use on a regular basis.


So, anyone who contradicts you is an indecent human being. Got it. :unamused:
I’m sure you’ll take this once again as a personal insult and an indication that I’m the worst human being ever, but maybe you should heed your own advice?

In other words, you think YOUR OPINION of my post is what counts. Typical of people with an overblown ego.

Who are you to tell, who are wasting their time on what. What’s important to others may not be of interest to you, and visa versa. So why do you care?

My post was a warning on wasting too much time trying out new VST’s, especially the free ones, most of which are worthless. It’s a mistake I made, so it’s MY OPINION that maybe people should concentrate on making music. I didn’t make ANY judgment on anyone. But your over-inflated ego just can’t take any post that you don’t like. And, of course, when you go happily off-topic, then it’s no problem whatsoever. Another sign that you have an ego problem.

PS. I won’t clutter up the OP’s thread no more. But I will gladly discuss the topic at hand.

More hypocrisy. You just started a new thread just to attack me. Again, ego issues…

So peace out.

You don’t sound like a peaceful person. You’re a bully, it’s either your way or you start attacking anyone who even slightly contradicts you.

Actually, it was I who attacked you. And I still stand by what I said. I am not wasting my time trying out new VSTs. I’m asking others if they’ve come across any of the ones listed and what their opinions were. If anything, I am trying to avoid wasting my time.

In all seriousness, if you can’t help the conversation progress then don’t post. It’s that simple. No one is being a bully, but I do want to prevent the STN ratio from going down the toilet by useless drivel being “contributed” here.

Yeah, you attacked me too. Sorry, but you don’t get to judge what’s relevant and what’s not. And what you consider “noise” may not be noise at all to others. Last I checked, you were NOT the moderator. I think my post was relevant, I did not judge anyone, unlike what you accused me of, just offered a suggestion. For the record, I’ve been “thanked” way more than you, which means that other people here do find my posts useful.

Learn to live with different OPINIONS.

Here’s a litmus test of relevance:

When the OP asks a question, are you answering the question?

No? Then your commentary was irrelevant.

Easy peasy.

I couldn’t care less about the number of times a useless piece of functionality on this website has been used. I’ve been a member of the Cubase website nearly 2 years longer than you - should that count for anything? Personally, I don’t think so. But if you want to look at quantifiable metrics then that one is probably more applicable than how many times you or I have been thanked.

This is my last post on this side topic. If you’d like to debate it further, create your own thread so that I can hijack it with useless and content free trolling. Thanks.

Does anyone else have any experience with the VSTs referenced in the article?

I use some of those. Wakawaka!

No, here’s YOUR litmus test of relevance. One that I’m sure you do not apply to your own posts.
And BTW, answers do not necessarily fall into a yes/no category.

I couldn’t care less about the number of times a useless piece of functionality on this website has been used. I’ve been a member of the Cubase website nearly 2 years longer than you - should that count for anything?

Actually that isn’t even true. I changed email address, and since Steinberg kept sending me mail to the old one, I had to change user name, in order to use the new one. I’ve been here longer than you and I’m pretty sure I’ve used Cubase for a lot longer than you, since I adopted it when it was known as Cubit.

Personally, I don’t think so.

Again, personally is the key. It’s not an absolute value or a fact, it’s just YOUR OPINION. What you’re saying is that I shouldn’t be entitled to mine because it’s different than yours.

This is flipping childish. Taxi :imp:

For me, the test of whether any internet statement is insulting, trollish, childish, etc, is to imagine if the statement would have still been made face-to-face. A significant number of internet statements fail this test, and badly. :sunglasses:

I have always used my actual name, too, except for the periods here at cubase.net where I’ve used “twilightsong” but everyone still knew who I was. I don’t judge people that use pseudonyms, they can be fun, but it DOES give them just one extra layer of anonymity behind which they can be rude to people

Well, some of you like this sort of jousting more than others, os less than others. Personally, I don’t really mind to be in the audience :wink:. There are plenty of more serious topics to check out…


Yes, I did. Thanks! I haven’t had time to look into the ones you said you keep in your toolbag, but I intend to. :slight_smile:

I use lots of freebies, if they fulfill a certain need.

Now if someone else thinks I am wasting my time checking them out, then they are wasting their time thinking about me! Simple.

And how do you know if a plug-in is good or not if you don’t try it out? :confused:

I am away from the studio currently so I cannot look some of my faves up, one or two I go back to regularly, M30 Reverb, Whirlpool (delay)… I will have to make a list next week, time permitting.

Some of the entries in the annual KVR challenge are excellent. :sunglasses:

I’ve been using Voxengo Span for a long time, I like it a lot.

I also used Alchemy Player and liked it so much I bought the full version and some libraries, very nice.


Thank you for the link, Larry. I had a few of those and now I have all… I really want to try Flux