Best harddrive for Host/playback video

Hey guys,

I am wandering what would be the best harddrive for video playback. (audiopost)
I have installed 2 Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD SATA 6 Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache Drives ST1000DM003 for audio, but for video I’m not sure what to use.
Can I continue with these Seagates for video? (seperate ones)
I’ve also seen the WD 1 TB Black 7200 rpm - Serial ATA 6.0Gb/s…usefull for video??

Anyway I want to be able to play at least 1080 (and 2K) video smooth. (AVC HD, the different ProRes, the different DVC, uncompressed and AVID DNxHD codecs).

I realise there could be a seperate video playback card issue and that leads me to the possible purchase of a Decklink Studio 4K or something from AJA.
Please advise.

ps. the past years I’ve been using an Intensity Pro…still working in the old machine.

Thx in advance

Oh yeah forgot to mention that this is a new build. ASUS P9X79 PRO mobo/ 3930K CPU/ Corsair 8 GB ram.

4K’s minimum bandwidth is about 30mbps. Which means for 4K playback even a USB 3.0 external drive will probably do. But if you’re talking 4K editing, I’m afraid you’ll need something considerably speedier (SSD highly recommended.) Also consider that a 3930k system with 8 gigs of RAM is totally inadequate for 4K editing. I’m afraid you’d need a much more powerful system with at least 64 gigs of RAM, not to mention a top-notch GPU.

Hey Indigo,

No this machine will only be used for audiopost, so it’ll only playback the video.
So one of the 2 harddrives mentioned as internal video drive will do…?
Ok thanks, but are there codec issues I need to consider or will require higher speed?

Yeah, if you only have to playback 4K content, there shouldn’t be any problem with your drives. But you’ll still need a dedicated 4K-rated GPU. Your Intel integrated video can’t handle 4K (Haswell CPU’s technically can, but playback is not smooth.) 4K needs the the H.265 or VP9 codecs, nothing exotic. H.265 is more likely to become the standard (just like H.264 did over VP8.)

Ok thanks.
I have an XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card
On the box is stated that it outputs 4K or 4K ready…

In an Amazon review I found:
“Q: Will this card drive a 4K monitor through HDMI?
A: Yes. Additionally, the card is 4K Ready using DisplayPort 1.2 (4096X2160). You must use HDMI 1.4a (4096X3112) to get to the 4K and if you just want to use DVI (as a backup for example) it will drive your monitor at 2560X1600. Hope this helps.”
Does this mean that I can push 2 mon for Nuendo project (Tracks & mixer) and 1 fullscreen video?
If so do I need an additional card a big screen and the ADR booths?
Thanks for the help.

I don’t believe your GPU can drive a 4K display plus a 2560x1600 DVI dual-link with only 1 gig of RAM. Also, you’d have to check how well your graphic card handles 4K. Intel HD5200 (currently Haswell’s best integrated video) claims it can handle 4K, but all the tests have shown that it can’t do it smoothly. In other words, just because they claim it can do it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can in an acceptable way (that’s for you to verify…)

The good news is, there are now several low-cost GPU that can handle 4K without a hitch. So, in case yours isn’t up to snuff, a replacement won’t cost you too much.

Ok thanks.
Well…mmmmhhh…I guess we should add a seperate card to playback the 4K content.
I’m concerned about the codecs though.
I’ve posted another thread “Decklink Studio 4K issue”.
Please take a peek and assist.

Well, like I said, try with what you have first and then get a new GPU if your card doesn’t play 4K smoothly.
I’ll look for the other thread.

As for the h.265 codec, it’s already available for download:

Ok thanks.