Best HD codec for Nuendo (OS X)

Hello folks,

What’s the best codec for Nuendo concerning HD (1080p) video ?
I’ve tried ProRes which works fine but is quite heavy in size.
I’ve tried H264 which doesn’t work at all (stutter) but would be better in size.
Any hint ?



You should look for a thread in the old forum about that.


Mmmh, there is not even a search function right there anymore, so it’s pretty useless now. Untill you have a direct link to the discussion or something ?
Thanks anyway, i’ll probably test different codecs and see how it goes (JPEG2000 also).


Here you are:

Thanks for the research Antonio.
Unfortunately H264 stutters a lot in HD when played back by Nuendo 5 (Mac). ProRes seems to behave better, but still stutters a bit. Strange thing is that QT Player or VLC read both perfectly… Got the same results with Pro Tools 9 (H264 in 1080p doesn’t even show up in Pro Tools :slight_smile: ).
CPU is not an issue (less than 30% occupation).