Best interface for Cubase?

I just stumbled up this kickstarter and it looks nice. Best interface for Cubase or what else?

Tons of discussions on this topic already.
But look into Steinberg UR, Focusrite Scarlett, Presonus for great entry to intermediate level and RME or Motu for advanced interfaces.
Also peruse the forum for other discussions.

Since you posted a link to a controller (not an interface), I’m guessing you are looking at controllers…Since you asked what the “best” is, that would be Nuage.


had good success with maudio and RME… I recommend interface with loopback recording, comes in very handy at times.

and DSP effects are very nice too have, not for recording but just for monitoring.

Yes, it seems like people missed the point here. I should have written Physical User Interface. I did not mean Audio interface. :slight_smile:

What is the strongest point with Nuage?

These things are usually referred to as controllers and audio interfaces as interfaces , hence the confusion.

Somehow given the level of the controller you linked I don’t think Nuage is for you. The strongest thing about it is the price :smiley:

What will make a specific controller best for you is totally dependent on what you want to do with it. (and maybe how much you want to spend on it)

You should have said “controller”.

What is the strongest point with Nuage?

The fact that it costs $25,000

$25,000… loose change!!!