Best keystrokes to mult (PLE and KCs)?

Hi - I’m looking at dealing with sibilance in a new way, by chopping it out and putting it to another track for further processing, and trying to figure out the most “mouse-free” way to do that. I guess maybe that isn’t exactly multing if that term means to leave the original track unchanged, but I hope it’s OK to describe it that way for now.

(As an aside, the way I deal with sibilance currently is to use the scissor tool and just lower the volume of the sibilant portions, which is good for volume but harder to process beyond that).

I’ve found the Edit>Range>Split command, and of course I can now drag it down to the pre-made “Sibilance Track” using the mouse, but I was hoping to find a mouse-free way to do that. I’m wondering if the PLE can be programmed to do that, maybe creating something like a “Cut Range/Paste on Selected Track” combination of commands? (Hopefully then I can navigate Cubase to the “Sibilance Track” immediately below by using the arrow key, but that’s a different issue!)

I have just started using the PLE, and can with effort modify a preset to something a little different, but programming it from scratch is still beyond me.

Has anyone done anything like this and could maybe post what might become my “Sibilance chop and bring to new track” PLE pre-set please? (Or maybe there’s a better way to do it)?

Thanks for any help!

No need for a PLE
Just a basic macro:

Move down

If you use Nuendo and normally have edit mode on then:
Edit mode off
Move down
Edit mode on

Note: I haven’t tried it but see no reason that it shouldn’t work.

Move down! Thanks ErikG!

Move up/down is awsome, I use it a lot when shuffling files while editing without touching the mouse. Takes a bit getting used to not using the mouse but it’s quite fast when mastered.

I might have missed it, but I didn’t see a “Move Up”, “Move Down” in the key commands (Cubase 7.5.20 … I see you use Nuendo … I wonder if it’s a little different?).

However, your suggestion is what got things going for me - thank you, ErikG!

(Copy the vocal track, disable the original track, and work on the copy :wink: ).

  1. Create Sibilance Track just below the copied vocal track
  2. Range the sibilance
  3. SHIFT-X to Snip at the Range
  4. CTRL-X to Cut the Sibilance Range Out
  5. Down Arrow to activate the Sibilance Track
  6. CTRL-V to Paste the Sibilance onto the Sibilance Track at the same start time.

Note: ALT-SHIFT UP ARROW toggles whether the arrows are exclusive only to track selection.

Hardly any mousing, none after creating the range!

It may just say nudge up/down instead of move up/down. I’ll try to remember to have a look when I get to work.

“Navigate - Down”
“Navigate - Up”

Also “Project - Select Track: Prev” and “Project - Select Track: Next” are helpful for this sort of thing with macros.

That doesn’t do anything for me and I am not sure I follow what it is doing, is it also selecting events or regions on the tracks?