best kvm switch for dual monitors and towers

I have two XPS 8500’s, i7-3770 CPU, 3.40 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 32-bit OS and Windows 7x4.

To save space I would like to run the two towers through the same two monitors and share the same basic sound system. One tower is strictly for music recording, the other is for word processing and other projects.

What brand name and model number of KVM switch should I purchase? I figure my powered monitor speakers would run strictly through the tower that runs the music studio. Assistance would be much appreciated.

That depends a lot on the connectivity you need. How are your monitors connected?
If ‘old fashioned’ VGA, then a KVM switch can be very simple and cheap.

Being one who likes pots of pixels ( I now have 1 x 55" 4K, and 2 x FHD touchscreens, though had 4x 30" 2560x1600 for a while), I went for dual boot, rather than separate boxes. Only one set of peripherals required.

However, it is a lot easier to change to the other boot these days, since OSs startup and shutdown is a lot faster.

Sharing Bluetooth devices can have problems though, because it can result in having to re-pair at each change in boot source.