Best laptop for MR816csx?

Since 2010, I’ve been working with Cubase 5.5, an MR816csx (MR) sound card and on a desktop (Win Vista): I mostly compose music and record it. My system is now working fine but, it took me a lot of research at first to solve an incompatibility problem between the MR and the computer (the solution was to insert a Texas Instrument firewire PCI extension card). Considering that I’m short of time (I make music mostly in the week-ends) and that I’d rather focus on making music than wasting time again on fixing computer problems, I do not wish to upgrade to Cubase 6 and to MR 1.7 or to Win 7 unless absolutely necessary.

I now need to buy a laptop computer for other purposes than music but I want to make sure that it will work properly with my MR if need be. In my research I found that very few laptops are equiped with a firewire ports but that Lenovo Thinkpad and HP Elite computers have a slot in which I could insert a PCI extension card. In a chat session with a Startec representative, I was suggested to use their Part# EC13942 Texas Instruments - XIO2200A (see along with any laptop computer (but I would focus on the ones mentionned previously).

Can anybody comment on such suggestions or add to them?