Best Learning Resources for Engrave Mode (specifically staff/system layout)

Is there any chance someone would be able to point me to the most helpful resources for engrave mode, specifically for laying out score and parts. Doesn’t matter whether it’s video or article. Most of the previous projects I’ve done in Dorico have been smaller forces and not so complex in terms of layout, but my current project is a bit more complex, and I’m not as up on Engrave as I am Write mode.

Specifcally, I need to know who to manage vertical space in scores/parts, ie. between staves and systems, both in terms o tweaking indivual ones and changing the space for all or a selection of them. I know how to do this universally in the Engraving Optiosn, but it’s the on-the-fly situations that I feel I might end up trying to achieve it in less sensible and roundabout ways if I just go in and try it.

Frames are less of an issue - I generally know who those work, it’s staff and system management I need to make sure I have a handle on, so any videos or other resources you know that I can watch/read would be helpful.

Actually, I’ve just found Anthony Hugh’s video on staff spacing, which seems to cover most of what I was looking for. Nonetheless if there are other resources you’ve found useful, be good to know.


John Barron’s Discover Dorico session on Layout is well worth a visit. Maybe sit down with a cup of something.

But the golden rule is: Layout Options first, then Engrave mode if necessary. And always try to do less!

I’ve done large 200-page projects where the only adjustments I’ve made are Breaks, some changes to the Frame top or bottom; change of Page Template/Flow Heading; and a handful of staff adjustments.

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Experiment! There are quite a few large scores knocking around the forum (Mahler, Wagner etc. mostly done to test different playbacks) that you could use to see the effect of changing settings.

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I’d love to, but I’m on a pretty tight deadline.

Thanks, I had a feeling JB likely had a live stream on this.

I did a video on prepping orchestra parts: Dorico Tutorials: Preparing orchestra parts - YouTube