Best Mac Laptop For Cubase 8.5 [or other Laptop]

Hi All,

I’m still running Cubase Pro 8.5 and it is super stable on my Windows self-built, custom designed home rig.

But is there a Mac laptop that any of you would suggest for portability?
The only critical thing for me is that I may need to find an older version/model, because my audio interface only has FireWire 400 out.

I am aware of but concerned about using a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter, as the less connections and possibly fallible links in the chain, the better.

I’m open to all suggestions, even a Windows laptop, [although I’m pretty much fed up with Microsoft on all other computers I own].

Thanks for reading and your suggestions Buds!

cubase pro is still running good in all laptops. but you want to move for mac than i will suggest you to go for MacBook Air - Gold. which is further good then others.