Best Method for Batch export with Mono/Stereo tracks.

Ok I think ive been confusing myself again… Im under pressure for time and really need to figure out a solid, quick workflow for this.

So Lets say I have a couple of Midi tracks and a couple of audio tracks some stereo, some mono. I set up a mono bus and a mono group for playback. But do I still need to do multiple outs etc? What is the best fastest method for getting these tracks bounced?

Its almost easier to solo tracks one by one, I mean if your using something like maschine you have to go in set up the multiple outs, then name them, its a lot of work… How are you guys doing this fluidly?

Manual Pg. 638

Thanks but it doesn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know… Im looking for tips… They don’t go into a simultaneous mono/stereo export.

I mean is the only way to set up a mono bus, use a mono group to monitor the mono tracks, then for instruments u need to set your multi outs and name them all individually. ?