Best method of Divisi labelling?

I often have music with e.g. one Soprano line in the first Flow, then two Soprano lines in another Flow. Easy, you say: create two Soprano players and select the 2nd one in the Flows I need. The problem is that the first player is labelled as “Soprano 1” when it’s the only Soprano line, i.e. tutti Sopranos.

One alternative would seem to be: create more players, and use one called “Soprano” for Flow 1; and use two separate players called “Soprano 1” and “Soprano 2” for Flow 2. This is ok, but for pieces that can have 3 of each part, I’d need 16 Players, which is a bit byzantine.

Another option is to use Divisi staves. By default, Divisi staves have the Staff name e.g. Soprano centred between the two staves, with numbers 1, 2 next to each staff. What I want is to have “Soprano 1” and “Soprano 2” next to each staff, just like with separate Players. Also, I don’t want any further names or numbers on other systems.

I can achieve the correct labelling by setting the “Section number” in the Divisi panel to “Soprano 1”, and then hiding the actual staff label. (See image.) In Layout Options, I’ve unchecked “Show section names on subsequent systems”, which stops the labels appearing on other systems. I’ve also unchecked the Layout option to show Divisi labels above the staff.

Am I missing a trick?

My own approach for this would indeed be to use a single soprano section player and do everything via divisi – trivial example attached. (219 KB)

Thanks, Daniel. I think that’s broadly what I’m doing. Just checking I wasn’t missing anything.

I’ve also just noticed that you can create a Divisi of 1 (split the players, and then delete player 2), as a means of changing the Staff Label, which would work as a method of having just “Soprano” in some Flows instead of “Soprano 1”, if you did use two separate players.

Yes, that is absolutely right.