Best Method to Import Tracks into Cubase?

I use Cubase 7 (full version) to master tracks and compose score-type music.

However, I tend to use Reason 6.5 rewired into Ableton 9 to produce my electronic instrument-based music. What is the best way for me to export the audio tracks as multitracks out of Ableton and into Cubase for mastering in Cubase?


file -> import -> audio file

You can also drag and drop audio into project, just make sure project is set up correctly to start. Will save you headaches later :slight_smile:

How would I go about it then? Just a tad confusing as it involved 3 DAWs!!

I’m using Ableton as the host with Reason rewired in. I tend to use Ableton for automation and sending MIDI into Reason instruments and receiving the audio back into Ableton. I then want to export this audio out of Ableton and be able to master it in Cubase.