Best method to update Nuendo 5.1 to 5.5

Hey Guys,

Last time I did an upgrade I did a full clean install of my entire rig. Given my current project load thats not a feasible option right now. So I’m curious. What is the recommended “best practice” for upgrading Nuendo 5.1 to 5.5?

Do you copy your old prefs to a new location. Run the Nuendo 5.5 installers then just copy your old prefs folder back ? Or are there other, (ie better) ways to do this upgrade?

Looking back, most of my Nuendo installs have come at the time of computer upgrades, so I’ve just not done many upgrades of Nuendo on top of an old install. FYI, I’m on a MAC running OXX 10.6.8 but windows users are welcome to share knowledge here too!

55 will install into it’s own folder and will not touch your other installs.

55 will gather some of your prefs but not all, I had to manually copy over my custom keyboard commands as well as a few other things… I also copied the following from 5.1’s appdata contents to 5.5 appdata contents… if you are on mac, I believe these things are in the library somewhere…


You will need to redefine your vst2 plugin locations

Before you open your large project in 5.5… save a new copy of it’s latest state. 5.1 and 5.5 don’t seem to like a lot of back and forth and it is possible to corrupt a 5.1 session with 5.5 features that won’t let it open the same way in 5.1 again. This is 2nd hand info… I did not try this, I just jumped right in.

EUCON for 64bit is awesome
new quick controls stuff is awesome
I havn’t done a mix yet with it but the automation editing features look like they’ll be handy.
There’s are little changes that will likely cause you to change your work habits a bit.
There is an issue with Convert Tracks crashing to desktop and freezing…

I havn’t really played with anything else yet.