Best Methods for exporting expression map based Cubase Sessions to Score in Dorico

Hi everyone,

I’m sure this has been discussed in length, and is an impending feature of Dorico, but I’m having difficulty finding a consolidated forum for this discussion.

Essentially the question is simple: in a Cubase session that takes advantage of “expression maps” to create articulation changes, what is the easiest, and best method to transfer that information over to Dorico? I know this is a long term vision for Steinberg, but in the meantime I need a method of doing this quickly, accurately, and to be able to process lots of scores very quickly.

Thank you!

As a quick addendum… I essentially need to bits of information from two separate files…

I need the notes and CC data from the Midi file,

but I need the articulation changes from the Music XML.

At present there’s really no way of doing this in a single step. You can bring a decent amount of information over via MusicXML, assuming you’ve taken the time to add articulations etc. in the Score Editor in Cubase, but if you’re bringing MIDI over, there’s no way to automatically map different tracks etc. onto different playing techniques or articulations, though it’s something we’re planning to add in future.

Thanks Daniel,

I am so very much looking forward to it. I don’t need to be the one to tell how much of a game-changer that would be for us working in the entertainment industry.