Best Methods for Updating Playback Templates

Hey guys,

As I’m building and writing with my playback templates (which I love), I keep running into the same issue–updating them.

You see, as I’m working in a score I continue to make changes in the expression maps dialogue. I tweak things, and add new patches etc. However I can’t figure out a streamlined way to save the changes to my playback template.

I can’t save the “endpoint configuration” because then I lose the instruments that are not currently loaded. If I export a library I end up with duplicates when I re-import them to my “template” Dorico session.

Does anyone have some simple methods to update their playback templates (particularly the “Expression Maps”) without losing any information, or creating tons of duplicate expression maps to sort through?


Updating the expression maps is the one simple bit, actually, Jacob. All you have to do is update the version number in your expression map so that it’s higher, and if the expression map is located inside a playback template saved on disk (e.g. in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3/PlaybackTemplateGenerators, in a folder named for your playback template), when you open a project that uses that playback template, Dorico will automatically update the expression map if the version number in the playback template on disk is greater than the version number in the project being opened.

Oh that is brilliant! I will give this a go. Thanks!