Best mic setup

Hi everybody,

I’m on the move to record some vocals with my brand new Shure SM58 and Cubase.
I’ve tried several times but I’m not satisfied with the recordings: I’m not able to melt efficently the sung words together with the rest of the music.
To be more precise, It seems to me that the vocals are too “apart” from the song.
I’ve used compressor and then limiter. Is there a particular setup I have to create for better mixing? What kind of setup do you use?
Many thanks to all of you


Please be more specific in how you are trying to record the vocals. Do you have the music trax playing over speakers in the same room you are trying to record the vocals. Please explain in more detail what you are wanting to do and I will be glad to try to help you.

You already have the same post sitting in the lounge with a string of answers, I take it none of those helped.
Posting the same question again is pointless.

What is it you need to know, is it a list of equipment we use to record vocals, or is it mixing advice you need or both. You seem to be at the start of a long journey into the abyss that is recording, even with the best equipment in the world one can still end up with a mess. Experiment and learn, vocals is all about performance first, then mixing skill then equipment. As you get better the equipments lacking may become more apparent.

As far as sitting a vocal/s into a mix goes, listen critically to other mix’s and try to work out just what is going on in there. tracked vocals, delays other FX etc, use headphones, you may be surprised at just how much is happening!