Best MIDI Mix Control Surface

Hey y’all!

I’m very seriously in the market for a MIDI controller to get some hands-on my mixes. When o first setup my home studio, I bought one of the Euphonix controllers, and boy was I disappointed. It arrived with several of the faders fallen off and never reliably communicated with my DAW.

My mastering engineer uses the tiny Novation controller for controlling plugins. Its Automap software seemed to work beautifully. So I’m seriously looking at the Remote ZeRO SL Mk I from Novation.

I also just became aware of Behringer’s BCF2000—not a pretty beast, but it’s cheap! I’m always trepidation a with Behringer —they make some real junk.

Then there are the Steinberg CC ones.

If you care to, please leave me you experiences with these controllers—or any others that rock. I’m only interested in absolutely ROCK SOLID units. I run my home studio as a business and cannot be seen wasting time messing around with gear that is broken or looks/acts cheap.

Thanks in advance!


very satisfied.

Holy mackerel! It’s… beautiful…

But, $2000? Not prepared to lay down that kind of cash right now (I’d buy gear with that kind of dough!). Cos I doubt that I’d even use most of the features, frankly. I only find myself longing for a fader or pot usually just at mixdown—for entering automation on sends or riding faders. So a small, cheap unit will do the trick. If it looks cool to boot, then even better (clients love seeing moving faders! LOL)

Been using a CC121 in my studio for over 5 years with no problems. Solid build and looks good, even had a few favourable comments from customers.

Cool. I’ve been sorely tempted by the CCs. Should bloody-well hope they’re rock-solid since Steiny makes them!

Do they work smoothly re: latching? Many MIDI controllers I’ve used are tricky in this dept. i.e., touching a lot causes the value in DAW to jump to pot’s location—instead of relative—where the pot jumps to DAW track’s setting.

Also: how’s the “fader” unit, there’s no actual, physical fader on those CCs, right?

My thoughts on the CC121. I’ve been using mine now for
5 years, solid build and really useful when recording and mixing. Looks good
and many of my clients have commented on it. Used with the quick controls in Cubase
7 it is very powerful. Downside the EQ knobs are not as smooth for sweeping as
I would like, and it’s been around now for quite a few years without any
firmware upgrades from Steinberg. In summary I really love mine.

The motorised fader works fine (no jumping or moving virtual faders until you want) Ok only one fader but very easy and quick to move across the tracks. No midi cc on the pots but use with track quick controls and all is good.

Sweet. Thanks Mrhehon.