Best Midi Pad Controller to work with Cubase? (9)

Hey there everyone,

I wondered if I could gather your opinion on which midi-pad controllers are the best for working with in Cubase 9 (Artist) ? In particular I am interested in which pads controllers integrate seamlessly with Cubase, with no configuration or messing around required.

For example, when changing an drum-kit or notes in Cubase for the pad, I would like the pad to automatically detect the changes on Cubase, without me needing to manually configure things the pad physically for it to match Cubase. Surely there is a pad out that which listens to changes in Cubase, and matches its pads automatically to what is on screen?

I was hoping to buy one of those Steinberg CMC-PD controllers… but then I found out they were discontinued years ago :neutral_face: I also had recently tried using a Korg padKontrol, which required lots of configuration and was more trouble than it was worth.

So what should I buy? :question: :smiley: