Best Mixer for Cubaes 9.5?


I want to upgrade my Mixer and i am looking for a Mixer wotking with my Cubase 9.5 under Windows 10.

Can you suggest a mixer, or the “best” mixer for Cubase?


i have such an Objekt, but my Guitars and Keyboards wont fit there. I destroyed a lot of cables in it and the sound was awfull.

What are you trying to mix? Mojitos? Lots of outboard gear into a limited audio interface? Or do you mean you want a control interface for Cubase’s mixer? Actually explain your requirements and you might get some sensible responses.

If you are looking for a Mixer/interface, I suspect that considering the relationship Cubase (Steinberg) has with Yamaha, any of the digital mixers in the Yamaha lineup would be good, starting with the 01v96i (16 channels at 96kHz via USB).
I have an 01v96i and a newer Midas M32 (32 channels at 48kHz), but I am having issues with the M32 for some reason using Cubase 9.5.

Thanks for suggestions!