Best Mobo for i7-8700K ?

Seems to be so many!

I have read that Asus has better better DPC performance than Gigabyte. I run large orchestral projects and usually the only input is my Roland piano. I do like USB inputs pref 3.1

It’s a new build, I shall probably use an M2 for operating system and a ITB SSD for samples, plus a small SSD for recording. This sounds like I know what I am talking about but I don’t really!! :blush:

I have a LOT of B+VSTs from Halion, to all Spectrasonics, A lot of East West, Lots of NI stuff, orchestral and lots more…I do build big templates

Will be Cubase 10

Which is the best chipset for this CPU please?

Recommendations/ suggestions please

thank you all