Best multifader control surface for Cubase 9.5

I’ve been trialing Cubase 9.5.21 as a replacement for Cakewalk Sonar and I like the software, leaning toward making the switch. However, I can’t get my Novation Zero SL MKII control surface to work with it. If anyone knows how, interested to find out the settings. Otherwise, I don’t mind buying a new controller if I can keep the costs reasonable. Interested to hear experiences with Behringer X-Touch, Icon Pro Audio, PreSonus Faderport and other sub-$500 units. My main interest in the control surface is for mixing – I like the faders for dynamically but precisely adjusting volumes up and down. Adjusting soft instrument settings would also be a plus.

Please check the downloads and manual for your Novation controller, both found in this page:

Thanks, RomantiqueTp. The Novation isn’t always easy to figure out, but a quick refresher in the manual got me going. Still interested though in feedback on the other surfaces.