Best Notation Plugin for Analogue Instruments.

HI all,

I’m looking for a lazy, labour saving solution.

I play an electronic kit so it’s easy to score my drum lines.
All keyboards (very little) are midi through a Korg M1, so piano parts are easy to score too.

All my other song parts are analogue however. Guitar, Bass and Vocals.

I now really can’t be bothered transcribing all of these lines (which are Wavs) manually, I’ve much better things to do, like making music. I just want them so I don’t have to remember every single note I’ve ever played.

So my question is, whats the best solution to auto notate from these wavs to a score, or to midi and then to a score.

Are there any cubase plugins or is there something already buried in Cubase 6 that I don’t know of that will do the job?

It has to be Apple Mac OSX compatible.

If you have Cubase 6 (full), you can do audio to midi, but I think it only works for monophonic material. I have Artist so I never really investigated :wink:

If you go into the sample editor (dbl click on the track) and choose “variaudio” from the leftmost menu boxes it may help at least for the basslines.
Variaudio will track the notes so you can correct things and there is an “extract midi” button in there.
Might take some time initially to get used to though.
There’s a lot of stuff in Cubase. Just ask and someone will tell you where it is. They just won’t tell you how to use it. :mrgreen: Well, some might.

Thanks man, that’s very helpful. It certainly will help with the basslines. I may have to buy something for the rhythm guitar lines or (gasp) transcribe them manually. But at least my work has reduced by 50% :slight_smile: