Best Olympus Micro settings for renaissance-style polyphony?

Hi all,

is there a way to fiddle with the settings of Olympus Micro such that it sounds well (or at least tolerable) in renaissance-style polyphony, Palestrina say? I like a good separation of the voices in that kind of repertoire.

Maybe I’m asking too much (choir libraries tend to work best with lush block chords, is my impression), but on the other hand, it just might be done. Thanks for reading!

If you’re looking for good voice separation, you might find that using more distinctive sounds works better. When I prepare rehearsal recordings for my singers, I tend to use a combination of woodwind sounds (flute / clarinet / oboe / bassoon for SATB is a combination I often turn to), as it’s much easier for them to pick out their lines when the sounds are less similar. I’m not sure the parameters provided in Olympus Choir Micro are sufficient to allow you to make substantive enough changes to the sound that you would definitely be able to distinguish intertwining lines in Palestrina-style music.