Best option to buy for working with Cubase 5


I’m looking to collaborate with someone who uses Cubase 5.5.2. He’s not willing to upgrade as everything working on his Mac, so I understand that. But I want to be able to collaborate on projects and move files between us.

I’ll be using my Macbook Pro (Late 2011) partitioned and running OS X Lion. So I’d ideally like to get the same setup and use Cubase 5 but obviously it’s been discontinued and finding a valid active one for sale seems tough.

Any suggestions how to do this and what to buy?

A Cubase license can run all previous versions. You could just buy Cubase Pro 9.5 and then contact support to receive a Cubase 5 or 5.5 installer.

When not collaborating with this person, you’ll be able to open your Cubase 5 projects in Cubase Pro 9.5, which is a much, much faster DAW to work with (using a newer OS is recommended for 9.5). Note that projects saved in Cubase 9.5 can’t be opened by Cubase 5.