Best PC Components - Dec 2018

Having many Real-Time Performance problems with old X99 machine using i7 Haswell processor, and starting to believe it may be BIOS/CPU related (Intel patch). Currently looking at specs for a new machine. If you’ve built a Cubase DAW recently, and have EXCELLENT real-time performance on Windows 10, please post your component specs/choices.

I’ve been building my own for quite a while and one way I always specced my machines out was to visit top sites and see what components they used. A favorite was Falcon Northwest. A really good site for DAW computers is

The owner Jim Rosebury was very active on the Cakewalk forums (and others) and is a great guy and always willing to help out. You should check it out. Also check the computer forum on Gearslutz:

Also, to troubleshoot your current issues have you used LatencyMon? It will tell you which files are causing issues:

Best of luck

Oh… man, have I done the troubleshooting. LatencyMon for sure. Replaced video card, reinstalled OS, updated drivers, BIOS, configured all bios/win tricks, EVERYTHING. On this machine, LatencyMon shows 0 problems. Very low results. But Cubase? Every couple of seconds RTP spike… even without a project loaded (literally no project, just performance meter window open and Cubase taskbar)

So… I’m going full nuke. New system.

Thx for the links. I usually will look at ADK machines to see what chipset he’s using. Just looking for testimony from Cubase users about which MoBo/Cpu combo they’re using, and how they like it.

Wow, your machine is killing mine and I am flying with C10. C10 is amazing. What brand plugins are you using? I would look here.

I run Waves V10 64 bit VST3s, Izotope 64 bit VST3s (RX7 Standard, Ozone 8, Nector 3, Neutron Advanced 2, everything), SIR Audio Tools VST3s (SIR2, Standard Clip, Standard EQ, Spectrum Analyzer). C10 takes all of them, no rejects or conflicts. When I hear of someone who has a machine like you have and you’re having problems, I always think plugins. I realize there are plugins out there that ppl think are the greatest thing, but are they friendly with C10?

In fact, if you are running only the basic Steinberg plugins, can you still say you are experiencing these spikes? Trying to help.

That’s a good idea that I haven’t tried. I don’t understand why I would have plugins causing the problem, if none are loaded into the project… and even if no project is open. But could be possible, so I’ll check that.

The current setup should be a great one… it used to be ROCK SOLID but now just can’t stop the hickups.

Did you ever change anything in the bios? If you overclock, take a look at this thread.

I’m on x99 and broadwell-E. And had that problem this week. Basically a KB security update now overrides the bios settings, so if you played with that, there’s probably your problem.

I know my CPU performance was down 22% and I couldn’t figure out why. I fixed it TODAY

There is a solution for now (page two in the thread I linked) and there probably will be a hotfix for this. either from MS, intel or asus

And don’t give up yet. Your haswell i7 isn’t ‘‘old’’ by any means. It’s not like there was a huge leap in computing technology in the last two years…

To be honest, I think there’s no way this couldn’t be resolved. You don’t need a new computer, and you never know what the next windows KB update is going to mess up on which CPUs…

I don’t want to sound like a smart ass but that’s the kind of thing that comes with using a online computer for a DAW. You aren’t really fair to the system if you leave it at the mercy of updates, or change in general. You had it stable. It can be brought back there…

Appreciate the lead. I followed the article and I’m running Win10 v1803 but the KB4100347 doesn’t seem to be installed. My list of updates is pretty minimal… but I’ll try those too. Also going to try to roll back BIOS to older version. As of now, still no luck.

Tweaks aside… I don’t expect ASUS to continue to support this old hardware with good BIOS support, and I don’t expect MS to stop sending CPU patches. Seems more logical to buy a MoBo and CPU made after security flaw identified. Less compromised performance. Maybe?

Found the problem update… for me it was KB4467752 that was causing the problem. Removed update and system performance is stable again. Going to offline this machine (if I can and still use my VEP sample servers). Still looking at the new Coffee Lake processors as a permanent fix for this.

Who’s using a Coffee Lake cpu? Any recommendations for motherboards in this line?

There’s a lesson here for me. I need to update my PC but Win10 is not looking that good to me. I also understand that there are some firewire issues with Win8 and 10 that requires a separate KB file. Hm…

This said, good advice from deathhimself and good detective work on your part, Joe! I love happy endings.

See that’S my point. No it’s not going to be simpler. You will lose time changing everything again! It’s spending time vs spending time!

This kind of things comes with being in a changing environment. you want 100% stable? you gotta go offline. and even then. in 2-3 years you’re going to have to install fresh windows because you might be in a situation where the cubase version by then will need the missed upgrades.

There’s no scenario where you are devoid of technical problems or time waste. It’s our sad reality :laughing:

And as I said, even if you do change mobo, or cpu, etc, and the next kb upgrade messes with that new hardware! you’ll kill somebody!

Fix the problem! Your CPU is good , there is just an issue and you gotta fix on it! You don’t toss the bicycle in the garbage and go buy a new one when the chain slips!

BTW I don’T recommend you roll back the bios. It’s not the bios that is the issue, and that could generate more issues. the problem sounds like it’s the KB upgrade. If you can’T find the exact kb upgrade I mentioned, see on page 2 at the end of the link I sent. There’s a solution, it worked for me.

KEEP TRACK OF THE CHANGES YOU MADE and don’t just try anything! Try what I mention it.

Regarding asus upgrading, I think that the person that gave the solution I am talking about works for asus. They aren’t supposed to support the x99 boards anymore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did for this case… And if they don’t they’re still the only one that managed to fix my problem… I did communicate it with MS, they are aware of it. I even read that there’s an announced fix for 2019 but I don"t trust the internet, AND companies these days so that remains to be seen!

I mean, it’s 2-3 years old devices we’Re talking about… not decades old… someone ought to fix this

well yeah.

I’m telling you, you WILL have problems. Probably not the ones you expect.

Just like you will if you remain on windows 7 for another 5 years!

Regarding firewire, I’ve actually read that some firewire pci hardware is integrated better than it used to in windows 10. It’s not black and white.

There’s no 2 systems 100% alike, and one can’t predict how it’s going to balance out, before you try. It’s up to you to calculate the risks, and the ratio of problems you want to accept dealing with over a certain period of time :laughing:

You want 100% stable, stay offline and don’t upgrade anything!
Until something in your computer breaks!

You want longevity and accept some risks / potential constant trouble-shooting, potential performance alteration (better or worse!), get win 10.

When I built my new PC last year I picked x99 BECAUSE it was old and debugged, I didn’t trust the then new-fangled x299 to jump straight on board. I must may my PC has been absolutely rock solid - no issues at all and it’s fast.

From what I know, the KB issue only applies to people who have been manually overclocking (not just the basic turbo boost function)

Otherwise I never had a problem with my chip/mobo before last week (and it’s good now!)

I don’t overclock… I believe the Mobo (Asus x99 A) does some auto-adjustments… but those KB installations ruin my performance with and without overclocking.

Well if your system is stable again, you can also disable the said KB upgrade from re-installing automatically, and keep your system online. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much…
Report the issue to asus, intel, MS. You’ll know when there’s a hotfix for it.

It’s your money and your time. But to me a online DAW is always looking for trouble, and you gotta embrace that or else you’ll just be changing systems every time there’s a hiccup.

I know I’d be damn mad if I went through the trouble of switching mobo and chip, to have a 2019 KB upgrade ruin the performance for that too.

x99 is working 100% after the fix so I see no reason to switch yet. It sounds like me like you had it figured out…

Either way get to making some music!