Best performing native interface on OSX for very low latency and high input counts?

I have had it with pro tools and it’s terrible performance at anything under 128 buffer at 44/48k or 256 at 88/96k…
I adore the software and I like even the midi editing as i find it faster and less confusing to decipher than other DAWs, as well as having per midi port sample offset to make hardware synth timing super tight (cubase has ticks).

But I have had it with it’s 32 input limitation, and I am simply not going to spend 20 thousand australian dollars to get into a HDX system for my realtime monitoring needs.

I have had it with my UAD apollos and the absolute scam claim of zero latency monitoring… all the plugins that aren’t 11 years old, add significant latency… all of them… at least 1.25 ms EACH…on top of consoles 2.1ms RTL at 44K without any plugins at all.
Whatever is being fed in console LIVE in realtime, is also going to play that latency amount out of time with pre recorded tracks in your DAW. I want something where i have a complete PDC solution for live tracks as well, through the DAW.

So I am going to upgrade my cubase 8.5 pro to 9.5 and switch to cubase, and find a new interface system…

What i need is something that performs really well at 32 or maximum 64 buffer , when monitoring large amounts of live inputs, say 64 (so multiple stacked interfaces may be required), through Cubase on OSX.

RME total mix is not an option as i don’t like the EQ and comp and single reverb option. I want to use Cubase like an analog mixer for all my live external inputs, having them go through native plugins.

Pro tools is simply unusable trying to do such a thing at any reasonable latency. It’s very unfortunate and as with most Dev support, they are useless. At least Steinberg participate here and know exactly what they are talking about. That’s a big difference.
Hopefully over time, some amazing PT editing features could find their way into cubase, especially for audio.

So. my first thought was a quantum… cause each one can do 24 ins with adat expanders AND one can chain 4 via thunderbolt.
They have a very low roundtrip latency

But has anyone actually used them in CUBASE, on OSX, at 32 buffer whilst monitoring say 32 or even better, 64 external channels?

That, or ANY interface you know performs well with Cubase at low latency please… I am open to any suggestion, truly.

I want a base low latency, then i can add zero latency native effects for monitoring through, verbs, comps, anything really… so many zero latency fx to choose from.

Any help is appreciated… I am stuck on this one… i don’t know which interface to get…thunderbolt or USB are the options in my case, since on mac without any internal slots.

Thanks very much in advance

PS There is TAFKAT’s incredible low latency interface database, but unfortunately that is windows only which is totally different performance wise at low latency vs OSX.