Best place to get answers about Steinberg hardware

I mean no offense by saying this, but I have gotten few, in some cases no, responses to some serious questions I have about using my new MR816x. There have been many views, but few, if any, answers. Is there a person or department at Steinberg to write to with questions that need answers?

The manual just doesn’t cover very much and I have not been able to find answers to some of my questions about MR816x usage.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you,



Members here can be very helpful, though we tend to respond based on our experience. From your other posts, it appears you are not using Cubase. I’m guessing most members here are not familiar enough with your DAW to answer your questions. Don’t take our silence as unfriendly, it’s just that we may not know how to help you.

I would try emailing Steinberg support. They have helped me in the past. You can find their contact info by clicking the My Steinberg link above.

Best regards and good luck!

Thank you, rtorstrick.