Best place to put the Projects folder?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the best place to put in the Cubase Projects folder?

It was created in C:\Users\DefaultUser\Documents\Cubase Projects.
All my projects are in there and I was thinking of maybe moving it to “C:/Projects” or something like that, just for the sake of easier organization.
Is there any reason for me to avoid doing it?

I am sorry for my crappy english.

Thank you!

If you are working purely with MIDI then just create a new folder for each new project in that folder and you should be ok.

If you are also working with audio then it would be wise to get yourself an external drive if you’re on a laptop or another hard drive if you have a desktop machine… you’ll get much better performance.
Again create a new folder for each new project as things can get very messy if all your different projects are using the same folder for your audio pool.

Thank you for the answer matjones!

Just one more question. I always thought that using an external drive for audio files or projects (when the Cubase program is in C:) would end up with worse performance than if it was all in the same drive (both the program and the projects).
From what you are saying, I am wrong in this matter. Can you tell me why the performance is better when saving audio projects in another hard drive?
Thank you again.

Of course, no worries :slight_smile:

Ok your C:\ has all your operating system, programs and possibly Cubase library content on it at the moment.

Currently whenever cubase wants to access a file, whether it’s a plugin or audio file, it has to load it all from the same drive(don’t forget also your operating system and any other apps you have open will also be accessing it at the same time). If you are working on projects that have a large number of audio files and possibly even sample library (don’t forget that many synths/drum machines etc are sample based) then cubase will be having to access that drive constantly, on a hard drive this can cause it to run out of bandwidth and you can get audio dropouts or it can even crash that hard drive… i’m not sure what the current case is with SSDs though.
So spreading the load over two or more drives gives your system much more headroom where this is concerned and less chance of a drive failure, although this is much less common than in the past.

If you buy an external drive i’d check with some of the guys on here as to which are good for audio use, USB3 or Thunderbolt should be the quickest.

MANY of us on here use multiple drives in our systems… i have C:\ for OS and programs, D:\ for audio, E:\ for sample library for things like BFD 2/3, Halion, UVI etc. I also have another couple of drives, one for system backup and one for my HUGE porn library (joke)… i mean music collection and various other bits and pieces.
I also keep a system image on an external drive just in case.

HTH :smiley:

Got it! Thanks a lot! It will surely be helpful (: