best pointing device to work with cubase?

i want to replace my conventional mouse which screws my hand palms and has some slowing workflow with DAW’s

what do u guys use other than regular mouse?
i saw this logitech T650 touchpad is someone has experiance with it ?

what about other useful pointing devices for DAW (cubase) use to consider ?

I use a trackball– a Kensington “Expert Mouse” from 2004, I think. Compared to the trackpad on my macbook, or any other pointing device it’s awesome.

Kensington is not awesome, however. I had to buy a third party mouse driver to continue using is past a certain OS X version.

But a large trackball is very precise, and the weight of the ball gives a natural feel to it. The trackball is the same size as a billiards ball.

mmm… i really don’t have experience with trackball devices, but somehow it looks more complicated to navigate than a mouse ! and also looks as if its gonna fatigue the fingers… saw it in some recording studio though !

I discovered it in a studio too. Not at all fatiguing. I find it to be more ergonomic.

If you think about it, a trackpad is like a trackball with out the ball… :laughing:

But maybe a trackball is more precise? I was looking for a trackpad for the studio also but now I wonder…

nothing like a trackpad, the ball has weight and momentum.

I prefer the Logitech Trackman series. Also eliminates RSI from mousing around.

Meaning, you can ‘throw’ to the left and the cursor will go flying to where you want it to go. As you get used to it you can actually aim it successfully, which is good for 2560x1440 res.

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in on this,

I have never used a mouse.

I have used a Kensington Trackball since
they were introduced in 1993.

But as was stated, things got a lil problematic
after OSX.

I now use an Apple TrackPad and would never go back.

Of course It has limitations.

1-not precise enough (in some situations).
2-not programmable enough.

but it is still by far the best solution for me.

The TrackPad to me is like learning to play a new instrument.
The gestures can be confusing at first but
once you get over the ‘brain bump’ this thing can fly.

So now I wait for Kensington to put the trackpad
and trackball into one unit.

I can imagine the surface of my trackpad ‘wrapped’ into a
360 degree ball and place in a trackball holder.

Now that would be kool.

KickStarter anyone?

My 2cents

well i’ll have to go to a store to experiment with trackpad and trackball a little to see how it fits my workflow.
from first sight the logitech t650 “attracts” me first … thanks for suggestions guys :sunglasses:

So now I wait for Kensington to put the trackpad
and trackball into one unit.

I can imagine the surface of my trackpad ‘wrapped’ into a
360 degree ball and place in a trackball holder.

Now that would be kool.


Wow curteye. A spherical trackball. You mean where you could switch from padball to trackball mode? I want to hear more about what you’re thinking.

Mozizo, the Kensington Slimblade (or Expert Mouse Pro) has a cueball sized ball. That is what makes it so great, the size and weight. There are a lot of trackballs that are smaller and those is nothing like this.

I bought Steermouse which brings back all the functionality of the kensington software to the Expert Mouse Pro except for chording. That I miss.

well i went with the Logitech T650 touchpad in the end… hopefully its a good choice(from ebay will take some time to arrive to my country to check), if not i’ll l go with the kensington trackball and i feed my street cats with my old mouse. :imp:

keep us posted!

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