Best practice for a long (16-bar) cue of a part?

I have an arrangement that calls for bass and vocal to play an intro verse a cappella in rubato style. For this to work, I really need to run a separate vocal cue staff on the bass part. But I only want the vocals to appear during that intro section. After that, I just want the bass part alone.

I was thinking of putting the intro in a separate flow. That would allow me to include the vocal in the bass part. But unfortunately, that isn’t selectable by flow. I’d have to carry the vocal staff for the entire song. Or is there a way I can delete that vocal staff after the intro?

Another solution is to simply duplicate the singer part and delete all the notes from the singer after the intro section, but that seems like a hack.

Any ideas for an elegant solution? Could I add a staff above the bass part and insert Dorico cues into that extra staff?

(I was having trouble using “Add Staff Above”. It didn’t do anything. It only seems to work when there are notes in a bar. I can’t add staves if the bar is empty. That doesn’t seem right.)

You could include the singer in the same Layout and then simply hide staves you don’t want to see.

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Yes, that works well. I used the Staff → Manual staff visibility command. Thanks.

In addition, I used Edit → Notation → Staff size to make the vocal staff smaller.

I tried adding a staff and inserting vocal cues into that extra staff. That also works, but it also inserts whole rests in each measure and I couldn’t figure out how to kill those.