Best practice for an occasional cue staff?


I’ve tried searching this out - but have only gotten a bit more confused!
I have a duet for saxophone and drum set. I want to add an occasional cue staff to both parts, giving essential rhythmic (or perhaps pitched - in the case of the sax) cues where necessary, and then disappearing. Obviously I don’t want these extra staves to appear in the score - only the part. I wasn’t certain if the approach is to just add and take away extra staves, or to give each of my players the other instrument, and then send cues to the extra staves… I’d be grateful if someone could lay out the procedure for me!

There are a number of ways you could handle this. It strikes me that the obvious one is to give extra staves to each player, then use Manual Staff Visibility changes to hide them in the score.

Alternatively, you can use ossia staves which you can hide/show in each layout independently.


Would an ossia staff for an unpitched percussion part allow a pitched cue from another instrument?

Ah yes good point, no that combination wouldn’t work - but if you really wanted to use a separate staff for cueing for an unpitched instrument/percussion kit, you could add the notes manually to the ossia staff. Ossia staves are a little complicated with kits though so maybe for the percussion instruments that’s not the best method - apologies for any confusion, I perhaps didn’t take in all the details of the OP!