Best practice for multiple screens

I just put up 3 monitors for my computer. I have 2 connected via DP and 1 via HDMI.

the thing I just can’t figure out is why/how to make my apps stick on the monitor I had them on before the screensaver kicks in. Every time I move my mouse to wake up my monitors all open apps have moved to the same screen (except for the apps that are on the hdmi monitor).

Am I missing something simple here, are there different rules for Displayport and hdmi?

turn off the screen saver?

thanks for catching the essence of my problem and giving your valued input

I have same problem with my computer. And i tried to turn off the screen saver it works,. But are there any other solution?

from what I found in my internet searches it is because DP will move the apps to whatever monitor turns on first and seems there are no cure. quite annoying I think., I am was hoping someone would know about a work around solution. and NO - I don’t want to leave on my monitors 24/7