Best Practice Migrating Plug Ins From XP To Win7


I’m moving to a new computer running Windows 7 (32). I’m wondering what the easiest/most idiot proof way is to move all my plug=ins and cubase related applications to the new rig. I had no trouble installing C5.52 and Wavelab. And of course, Sample Libs are no big deal because they are on a separate drive I can move.

But all the plug-ins, such as Halion, Kontakt, Native Instruments, Arturia, et. al… I’m wondering if there is an easier way to move them over besides installing every one of these from CD/DVD.

I don’t think I can use a drive image because the structure of user files (Docs & Settings in XP) isn’t the same in Win7.

So… What is the recommended way to do so without missing anything?



Those that are only plugins might be able to just drop into VSTPlugins but those with a stand alone version have to be written into the registry, so they have to be installed? And all the stuff you mention and most “bigger” plugins have a stand alone version so get moving! :wink:

The real PITA is the previous versions of plugins used in older projects. I’ve never quite got my head around this. Do you reinstall everything you’ve ever had installed on every previous machine? Or replace plugins in older projects with the newer version (and somehow retrieve the same sound)? Or bounce every track to audio? Or just forget older projects? :question:


Thanks for the replies. I’m kinda surprised that there is no migration tool (for example a way to automatically move the Docs/Settings from XP to the analogous places in Win7.)

Of course you can transfer the App Data folder between platforms. Windows has a User State Migration Tool that may help you. A quick Google should provide concise details.

I keep a backup of all .dll’s/ setup files of any plug I ever used in a tune. When installing a newer version, I move the old beforehand so it doesn’t get overwritten.

I also open all plug’s GUI’s and take screenshots of the settings which I keep in the project folder of each song.

Thank you. I looked @ the User State Migration Tool. I can’t exactly call it ‘concise’ however. It seems that one has to re-install all the apps and -then- it will help with overlaying various app settings. Definitely helpful, but still a right PITA. I’m also looking @ Windows Easy Transfer. We’ll see just how easy it is! :smiley:



Yeah, that’s why I said “help”. :mrgreen:

No matter whether it’s a new OS install or upgrade there’s going to be drivers etc. that have to be updated. Always something to be a PITA. Once you do have everything set up the way you want it, using Acroins True Image to get an image an of a brand new fresh install is priceless. Prevents re-authorizations, etc. if anything happens in the future.

I’ve done the screenshot thing from time to time but perhaps I should be more disciplined. ‘PITA’ comes to mind again, especially where there are multiple screens to shoot. I guess saving a preset in the project folder is a good bet as long as they remain backward compatible.

I also keep all the old DLLs but never fully trusted that they were completely self-sufficient and didn’t depend on some part of the installed version. It always seems odd to me that a single DLL file can do the same as the millions of files often installed in standalone versions.

I have two screens so I can fit a lot of plugs. Hitting Print Screen, pasting to paint and saving is cake. As I stated, if ther’s an installer instead of just a .dll, I back up the installer. This is a lot easier than going back and trying to rebuild a project from memory/ scratch.

Well, ‘Easy Transfer’ sure was easy. So easy I actually thought it might -work-. It gives every appearance that it -will- showing one all those wonderful settings ‘under the hood’ like it really knows what it’s doing.

But, sadly, pretty much -every- DAW-related app and plug (with the notable exception of NI’s stuff) did not properly transfer and must be re-installed. If I had known this, I -definitely- would’ve started from scratch.